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Few cities evoke images as lovely as those of Vienna. Formally-dressed couples waltzing across a glittering ballroom. Prancing stallions performing dazzling displays of precision. And heavenly pastries served in stylish cafes.

As the court of the Hapsburgs for more than 600 years, Vienna?s history is one of wealth, power, and artistic creativity. Music especially flowered here as nowhere else.

Whether you?re attending a performance at one of the world?s great opera houses or listening to an accordion in a country wine garden on the edge of town, you?ll find yourself basking in the good life, Vienna style.

Explore the opulent palaces of the Hapsburgs, watch the Lippizaner stallions, visit world-class museums, and enjoy Austria?s unique interpretation of Art Nouveau. Whatever your interests, you?re sure to enjoy this cosmopolitan capital.

Hidden behind a veil of communism for 40 years, Budapest has been enchanting travelers since its emergence in 1989. It?s geographical and linguistic isolation ? Magyar is spoken nowhere but in Hungary ? created a culture that remained largely uninfluenced by outside elements.

Today, the twin cities straddling the Danube are vibrant and exciting. Visit Castle Hill ? a UNESCO World Heritage Site ? photograph the Chain Bridge and Parliament from Fisherman?s Bastion, indulge yourself at one of the city?s legendary thermal spas, and cruise to the Baroque village of Szentendre, an artists? colony 90 minutes upriver from Budapest.

As the only major city in Europe to escape the damage of two world wars, Prague puts 700 years of architectural history on display. Superb Romanesque, Renaissance, Baroque, and Art Nouveau buildings vie for your attention, sometimes on the same square.

Explore Prague Castle, Old Town Square with its intricate astronomical clock, the Art Nouveau hotels and halls of New Town, and the historic sites of the Jewish Quarter. Then unwind at a lively beer hall or garden.

The energy here is infectious. And compared to Western European cities, prices are very reasonable.

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