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Happy is he who doesn’t have to choose between London, Paris, and Rome. Because each, in its own way, is spectacular. But taken together, the three provide an unsurpassed banquet of art, history, and culture.

In London, visit Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London where a thousand years of history unfold before you. Take the British Airways London Eye 450 feet above the city for fabulous views. See the Rosetta Stone and the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum. Watch next year’s Broadway smash on a West End stage or enjoy Shakespeare under the stars in the recreated Globe Theatre.

Whether you’re dodging a life-size robotic dinosaur at the Natural History Museum, seeing Treasures in the Hermitage Rooms, or shopping at Harrods you’ll be amazed at how artfully London combines the old and the new.

Although there are undeniably magnificent things to see and do in Paris, they always compete with the city itself. Somehow, whiling away the hours in a Left Bank café or strolling along the Seine seem just as essential as a visit to the Louvre or Notre Dame.

From the medieval streets of Montmartre to the glittering Champs Elysees, Paris is intoxicating. And trying to resist her charms is pointless. So go ahead and linger in the cheese market, watch the children in the Luxembourg Gardens a little while longer, or pop into the shop with the Provencal fabrics. The Musee d’Orsay, the Pompidou Center, and Sacre Coeur will be there when you’re ready.

To really get the feel of Rome, head for the Spanish Steps at sunset. Or the Piazza Navona. Or the Trevi Fountain. You’ll find the Romans doing what they've done for thousands of years -- enjoying life. For like London, Rome is historic. And like Paris, it’s romantic. But first and foremost, Rome is a place of simple pleasures.

After the gastronomic temples of Paris, a plate of pasta, a glass of Chianti, and a cobbled piazza will likely create memories as indelible as the Sistine Chapel or the Colosseum.

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