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Buenos Aires is often compared – and favorably so – to Paris. But while part of Paris’s undeniable allure is anchored firmly in the past, Buenos Aires’s appeal is planted squarely in the present. No city on earth knows how to live in the moment like Buenos Aires.

Even travelers who ordinarily visit a few museums, have dinner at the hotel, and then turn in early will likely be seduced by Buenos Aires’s intoxicating rhythms. Before you know it, you’ll be dancing ‘till dawn, sleeping ‘till noon, and shopping ‘till you drop.

Unlike many cities, Buenos Aires – has very few must-sees for visitors. There’s nothing much to tick off your list. Nothing, that is, except for unforgettable experiences.

Dancing the tango on the cobbled streets of San Telmo – with a beautiful Argentine stranger. Sampling tapas in a wine bar that seems lifted from Seville. Bargaining for treasures at one of Buenos Aires’s bustling street fairs. Savoring the world’s finest beef at a Puerto Madero steakhouse. Shopping for designer originals – at a fraction of the price – in a chic boutique. Or simply enjoying the good life, Argentina style.

Spend four days exploring the barrios that make this vibrant, exciting city so unique: stately Recoleta with its Belle Epoque mansions and leafy parks, romantic San Telmo, colorful La Boca, and ultra-cool Palermo, where the high-style fashion is rivaled only by the food. Or explore farther afield with a trip to the pampas, a UNESCO World Heritage city in Uruguay, or a catamaran trip through the delta.

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