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    New Web site launched to help Travel Agents


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    New web site makes planning FITs fast, easy, and profitable.

    Boise, February 2001. Research firm PhoCusWright announced that 21 million people bought travel related services on-line in 2000 - twice as many as in 1999. And that number is expected to increase again this year.

    But a new web site has been created to help travel agents recoup that loss and strengthen their relationships with their clients.

    It's called And by making FIT planning quick and easy, it provides agencies with a new revenue stream, and lets agents re-establish themselves as travel experts.

    According to managing partner, Virginia Saunders, "There are 78 million baby boomers out there with the money and the desire to travel independently. They don't want to go with a group, but they don't have the time ̣ or the expertise ̣ it would take to plan a great trip themselves. For that, they need a travel agent."

    But planning FITs has been too time consuming to be profitable. Until now.

    With, agents have all the information they need to arrange FITs right at their fingertips. Suggested itineraries. Hotel, restaurants, and sightseeing recommendations. And live web links to put it all together.

    Best of all, lets agents provide their clients with an unsurpassed level of service. "Agents can query the site based on their client's interests to find trips that are just right for them," Saunders explained. "They can even generate customized hand-outs with information about all the golf courses, antique shops, or gardens en route ̣ whatever their clients are interested in."

    And the site ̣ available to agents on a subscription basis ̣ includes a complete suite of marketing tools to help agencies build their FIT business. Turnkey direct mail, newsletter inserts, and ticket jacket stuffers are available to download and personalize with the agency name and logo.

    For more information visit and click on visitor's tour.